The Top 8 Custom Cups for Businesses and Events

16 oz Smooth Heavyweight Stadium Cup

  1. 1. Smooth Heavyweight Stadium Cup, 16 oz 
    In the number one spot we have our traditional stadium cups. Your guests will love using these at your event. They come in 14 colors and can be customized with your logo. We recently printed a beautiful batch of these personalized cups for a wedding. And, they turned out perfect!
    16 oz. Frost-Flex™ Reusable, Unbreakable Custom Plastic Stadium Cup
  2. 2. Frost-Flex™ Reusable, Unbreakable Plastic Stadium Cup, 16 oz.
    One of our best selling custom cups are our reusable, unbreakable stadium cups. They’re textured for a good grip and they’re washable! Stadium cups are perfect as a promotional product. They also do great at weddings, tailgates, festivals and beach days. These sturdy cups are dishwasher safe, flexible and BPA free.
    16 oz Double Wall Economy Custom PersonalizedTumbler
  3. 3. Double Wall Economy Tumbler, 16 oz
    This custom acrylic tumbler is perfect for relaxed parties with great themes. The straw and matching lid make the tumbler convenient. We would love to see a logo and fruity drink in one of these. Also, consider using them as thank you or welcome gifts for your clients. Then, they can add their own fruity drink.
    14 oz 3-Light Plastic Light-Up Tumbler
  4. 4. Tri-Light Plastic Light-Up Tumbler, 14 oz
    Let’s set the scene. You’re having a dimly lit party with a color heavy theme. Your guests walk in and they’re handed one of these led lit custom tumblers finished with your logo. The three lights built into this techy cup have 6 different effects. The colors blink, fade and blend. Now, that is impressive. If you like our 14 oz you may also want to check out the wider 16 oz version.
    16 oz. Stemless Plastic Wine Glass
  5. 5. Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses, 16 oz.
    If your business or theme is more modern and minimal, these custom stemless wine glasses are for you. They are completely transparent and look wonderful with any logo. Use them at an event or for a giveaway They are reusable and delivered to you in individual bags. As usual they’re BPA free, lead free and FDA approved.
    16 oz White Java Tumbler
  6. 6. White Java Tumbler, 16 oz
    We envision this cozy java tumbler being personalized with a logo for high ticket businesses. We’re thinking realtors, contractors, designers and similar businesses are perfect candidates for this style of cup. This tumbler would be a perfect appreciation gift after completing an addition of a home. This way they’ll always have your information on hand.
    Atlantis 17oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle
  7. 7. Atlantis Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle,17oz 
    Stay on trend with our custom vacuum insulated steel bottles. They keep hot drinks hot for 8 hours and cold drinks cold for 16. Choose between silver, blue, red and gun metal. These non-leaching bottles are a sure hit and you can count on your customers carrying around your logo everywhere. 
    Custom Personalized Ceramic White Bistro Mug, 16 oz
  8. 8. Ceramic White Bistro Mug, 16 oz 
    Let’s reel it back in with a traditional style promo cup. A bistro mug with a perfect fit handle. These are great for the winter and can be filled with other goodies like teabags, cocoa mix, and custom pens. This is perfect for almost every business. Face it, we all love a nice mug filled with a warm drink on a cold night.


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